7 Trick WhatsApp Features Cool and Useful

The use of smartphones in these days is very rapid development. What we know together is that in the 1990s, if you wanted to send word to your family, it took a long time, it could even be up to one month using paper writing.

Even in ancient times to send letters there are also those who use pigeons to send it.

Unlike the era of the 21st century, sending news can be as fast as lightning. With this smartphone we can reply to letters in short and do not need to wait for hours and even days.

Yups, surely you already know everything right what application or tool is used to send the news. Yups ... applications to send news very much once there are Line, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth.

Well this time readhis.com will share the trick ... that is ...

7 Trick WhatsApp Features Cool and Useful

1. Seeing the Status of the Video Without Pressing the Screen Then Hold it

Maybe some of you have never seen the video status on WhatsApp and you want to pause (stop) the video status. You will definitely open the screen and hold down your cellphone layer, now there is actually a trick that you want to pouse, you don't need the screen, then hold your cellphone screen, how how?

Just press the video status section that you want to pause and the video status automatically in pale condition.

Well ... so if you want to continue with the video, all you have to do is just tap / click on the video, and the status video will work again.

2. Turning Music Videos Into Plain Colors On Whatsapp Status

Maybe you have wanted to make a music status but the picture was lost (polished).

So you only have to press the pencil icon on the status and then you choose the color,
then you tap and hold the video and the music video automatically becomes the plain color you want.

And not only that, you can also add expressions or caption icons of pearls of wisdom that you want in your WhatsApp.

3. Send Messages Using Google's Ok Feature
So you can just visit the application ok google, then after that you say send whatsapp messages, then say the contact's name, then you can send messages through the google ok feature without having to enter it.

4. Play Voice Messages in Public Places

Have you ever, when we want to open a voice message and it's privacy (secret) but many people can hear the message, because in public places?

Now this time you can play voice messages without having to speak on the speaker, for example: you play a voice message and then you put it close to your ears, well like people call in general. So your voicemail automatically sounds in your ear without having to be in the speaker and be heard by the crowd. Now this method is very useful for compiling to receive private or confidential voice messages.

5. How to find out what messages have been read on Whatsapp

Have you ever sent a message to someone but the check is not read (not read) or has not marked blue even though the WhatsApp contact is online, well he might use the lessin feature.

So, you just need to order messages with voich massage or voice messages. Now, decide that the voicemail message is blue, so it can be concluded they are using the lessin feature.

6. How to send pictures does not reduce quality
Of course, of course you have sent photos on WhatsApp, but the results of the photos you received are not good enough or may be broken again, whether it's about improvements that reduce and the quality of the photos you receive becomes poor. So when washing photos, and the resulting photo looks broken and blurred.

Well ... so the solution is through the document feature via the following icon after selecting the document, then clicking on another document, then you look for the folder or place of the photo that you want to send, bye, it's easy right ...

7. try adding Whatsapp contacts to Sortcard (main screen of mobile)
So the way is you can go to your WhatsApp contact and then you click on the dot three at the top right corner, then you click the other one, then you select shortcuts.

So you can send messages quickly without having to reopen the whatsapp application first.

Ok, maybe that's enough of the tutorial 7 trick whasApp feature that is cool and useful, which has been described above, hopefully it can be useful and don't forget shere if this article is useful. Thank you ...

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