10 of the Best Indonesian Coffee in the World

You are a coffee lover? Actually, around the world most people really like processed coffee drinks. Apart from its delicious taste, coffee also contains caffeine which plays an active role in stimulating the senses and mind. And in terms of its fragrance that is so fragrant and distinctive can provide positive energy for the brain. This is only a small part of the benefits of consuming coffee. Do you know our country, Indonesia is a country with natural wealth as well as coffee producers that are quite extensive in the world. In fact, Indonesia itself has been ranked as the 4th best coffee producer in all corners of the world after Brazil. Very interesting is not it?

Well, for the type of coffee that is in the archipelago is actually not only one type that you drink. In fact there are many variants. Of the many coffees, indeed not all of them are favored by coffee lovers. There are several types of coffee that are said to be the best because of their popularity and good quality for spoil the tongue and relaxation. So it's no wonder we will know him with the term best coffee from Indonesia, which is worldwide. Coffee was eventually an attraction for foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

Maybe all of you friends don't know much about the types of coffee, even the type of coffee you drink. Now, as a connoisseur of coffee drinks or maybe this coffee-based processed food you should need to know the best types of coffee. Who knows, you have never felt one of the best variants. Each coffee with many types can be distinguished through its unique character of taste, texture and aroma. This is generally caused by different regions and environmental conditions.

Because now coffee has become a lifestyle of modern society. So, the need for coffee has also been supported by a growing number of restaurants and cafes that specialize in providing various types of coffee even at different prices. Usually there can be obtained at affordable prices up to expensive prices. This is usually distinguished from the quality and portion of the order. We are very fortunate to be able to live in the State of Indonesia because most of the best and most delicious coffee in the world thrives in Indonesia. For this reason, the following are the best Indonesian coffees that are popular among coffee lovers in the world. Let's see what kind of coffee we are, huh?

10 of the Best Indonesian Coffee in the World

1. Civet coffee

His name may already be familiar to your ears. This coffee does have a good popularity in the eyes of coffee lovers. Especially this coffee itself has become the target of more people than you think. Because now its very limited production makes Luwak coffee rare and very expensive to be able to taste this cup of civet coffee. Do you know? Civet coffee is processed in a very unique way. Its history has also existed since the Dutch era when farmers were not allowed to taste coffee that they planted themselves.

The name mongoose itself is from the term animal mongoose or civet. When the farmers saw a mongoose eating coffee beans, apparently this animal cannot digest the coffee beans. Then, farmers are penasan and want to taste coffee. So, they boil it and indeed the result of the coffee dish is quite high flavored until now.So, it is not surprising that up to now Luwak coffee is among the best coffee in the world at an expensive price as well.

2. Javanese coffee

Java coffee has been known by the world since the 17th century. At that time, the Netherlands began to plant coffee beans on the island of Java. And at that time they made it the largest coffee producer in the world at that time. Even though at that time, there were many types of coffee, but still Java coffee was the main choice for high-ranking officials from the Netherlands. This coffee has its own characteristics and characteristics that make it different from other types of coffee.

If you pay special attention to Java coffee has a thin aroma like spices. Not only that, through the wet milling process also makes Javanese coffee look different and interesting to taste. Now, while for the producer of quality Java coffee itself is from the mountains of Ijen Banyuwangi, East Java, the coffee produced is perfect for coffee lovers.

3. Gayo Coffee

Have you ever heard of the name "Kopi Gayo" before? Well, this type of coffee is a type of Arabica coffee which is generally well known in various parts of the world. Yes, so if you walk to other countries, you will definitely still be able to find the best coffee on this one. This coffee was originally produced in central Aceh precisely in the Gayo highlands. In this place is known as the central sector of the plantation is also the best coffee production is produced. There is even an international study that says that Gayo Arabica coffee has the most distinctive taste and is preferred when compared to Arabica coffee planted elsewhere.

Gayo Coffee has a very captivating taste and with a pleasant aroma that increasingly supports it. In addition, its lower acidity and bitterness are quite strong. Do you know? Gayo Coffee once received a form of appreciation as the best coffee in the world because of its unique pleasure and aroma. Gayo Coffee is also a promising commodity as one of the efforts to bring in the State.

4. Flores Coffee

From the name alone you can certainly guess the origin of this Flores coffee. Yes, as we know, Flores is an area in Indonesia which has natural beauty that is so charming for residents and visitors alike. Apart from its natural beauty, Flores also has other features and advantages. Yup, who knows that Flores is the best coffee contributor area in the archipelago even known by the world.

Yup, the Ngada Plain in East Nusa Tenggara Province is the specific place. Where there coffee plants can flourish because there are volcanic ash from volcanoes that have a positive influence on the coffee plant. Having the aroma of fruit and additional tobacco after drinking it will add to the impression of this one coffee.

5. Toraja coffee

Well, the next that does not want to lose from the types of coffee above is Toraja coffee. For the Toraja people are certainly familiar with the best coffee on this one, but make no mistake not only in Toraja and even other regions and all corners of the world know about Toraja coffee. How can? Well, this is all because of its flavor that has an element of soil, unique and unique that is the hallmark of Toraja coffee. The first time you try it, of course you will be surprised by it. Your tongue will feel a bitter taste and disappear a moment later leaving no trace of bitter taste on the tongue. Interesting right?

This taste is much in favor of by connoisseurs of domestic and foreign coffee drinks. Toraja coffee is produced in South Sulawesi Province precisely in the Toraja Mountains. There the land is so fertile, and from there also the two best coffees are produced namely Toraja Arabica Coffee and Robusta Arabica Coffee. The only difference lies in the caffeine produced in each Toraja coffee.

6. Wamena Coffee

Wamena coffee thrives in the mountains of Wamena and has now become one of the best coffee producers in the world. The distinctive feature is that it has a mild aroma and has a fragrant aroma on each coffee bean that is produced, this is also a character of wamena coffee and is second to none. The farmers in Wamena themselves still use organic ingredients for the coffee bean plant. For this reason, Wamena Coffee will taste very original, light without pulp, fragrant and does not at all leave a sour taste on the tongue.

7. Lanang Coffee

Furthermore, which is also included in the category of the best coffee in history and the world is lanang coffee. Hearing his name, maybe you will be a little surprised and curious huh. Well, the creation of lanang coffee itself has existed since the days of the Dutch government, and at that time was also very popular until now. Why is it named "Lanang"? For those of you who are Javanese, you must know the meaning. Actually the choice of this name is because lanang coffee has a round, single shape and there is no middle cleavage unlike other types of coffee.

The word "Lanang" is a term taken from the Javanese language to signify that this is a boy. And it turns out its usefulness is indeed beneficial to increase male vitality. So, of course we are not surprised that the price of lanang coffee is more expensive compared to coffee in general.

8. Sidikalang Coffee

Next, coffee that already has the best predicate in the world with a great taste is Sidikalang coffee. This coffee has fans from many groups, both from the archipelago and abroad. Did you know that this coffee has a very high quality and has even become a major competitor of Brazilian coffee. Very cool is not it? Yes, this is all because the texture of the coffee is the most delicate of all the coffees in the world. Well, this sidikalang coffee can be the best choice to enjoy your relaxing time. For this type of coffee itself you can find in various places in Indonesia.

9. Kintamani Coffee

Bali, besides being famous for its famous places for its beauty. Apparently, it also has a hidden gem that is as the best coffee-producing city in the world. Especially in the Kintamani area of ​​Bali has its own type of coffee that is different from the others. For example this Kintamani Coffee has flavors mixed with fruit flavors and of course this can not be found with other types of coffee.

The fruit flavor found in Kintamani Coffee itself is caused by planting coffee beans mixed with various kinds of vegetables. The term we are more familiar with intercropping planting systems. Well, especially for those of you who really like the aroma of coffee which is sour and fresh, please try Kintami Coffee.

10. Mandailing Coffee

The last type of coffee included in the list of the best coffees of all time from Indonesia is Mandailing Coffee. This coffee itself is one type of coffee whose history was brought by the Dutch to Indonesia around 1699. At that time, coffee beans began to be planted in Sumatra, which is precisely in Mandailing Natal, Kab. Pakanan, North Sumatra. Furthermore, this coffee continues to experience rapid development, especially in 1878. The taste of mandailing coffee with a very strong aroma is able to make this coffee name famous and very special.

This is the latest information about a row of favorite coffee names from Indonesia who are worldwide. Interested in trying everything? Please come and visit the coffee shop you are subscribed to and find out the coffee variant. Thus, you as a loyal coffee connoisseur can enjoy the sensation of coffee drinks from various types of coffee drinks. Even better if you can process it yourself at home, can by choosing coffee beans, grinding and brewing yourself. Actually it's not difficult, if you want to make delicious homemade coffee.

Tips and tricks for making delicious homemade coffee is to use a quality brewing tool called Coffe marker. This tool will produce steeping coffee that smells and tastes more delicious. So, after knowing the various types of coffee recommended and must be tried for coffee lovers, you will not be wrong in determining a particular type of coffee. Guaranteed from the taste, texture and aroma will make you addicted and want to try it in your spare time. This information, hopefully useful!

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