Look at the salaries of civil servants in the United States

Civil Servants (PNS) become the most highlighted profession in Indonesia. How not, this profession is often regarded as one of the most ideal occupations in society. Not infrequently many Indonesian people who are competing to become a civil servant.

At present, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is currently drafting a Government Regulation (RPP) on Salaries, Allowances, and PNS Facilities. If this new regulation is applied, civil servants who work now will experience a change in the amount of salary.

Then, how about the regulation of civil servant salary schemes in other countries such as in the United States (US)?

Reporting from senate.gov, Friday (03/09/2018), the annual income of civil servants in the United States is regulated in The Ethics Reform Act that was made since 1989. From the document, the amount of income is then adjusted according to rising inflation.

In the 2015 civil servant salary list document, it can be seen that the position of President of the United States gets a salary of US $ 400 thousand per year or around Rp 5.5 billion per year with an estimated exchange rate of 13,750 per US dollar. While the vice president gets a salary of US $ 235 thousand per year or around Rp 3.23 billion.

The Attorney General gets a salary of US $ 258 thousand per year, a judge of US $ 213 thousand per year. At the senate level, the senate leadership is entitled to a salary of US $ 193 thousand. While the senator and senate members have a salary of US $ 174 thousand.

Ministerial level

For the ministerial level, the salary that is entitled per year is US $ 203 thousand. The deputy minister received a salary of US $ 183 thousand.

Deputy Director General and Inspector General the annual salary is US $ 158 thousand. Underneath there are directors who are entitled to an income of US $ 148 thousand.

United States civil servants at the Senior Executive level can get a salary with a minimum range of US $ 121 thousand to a maximum of US $ 183 thousand.

While civil servants who are at the lower level are classified into 15 levels. At a minimum, civil servants in the United States receive a salary of US $ 18 thousand per year. While the maximum salary that can be obtained is US $ 101 thousand.

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