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What is Taylor Swift like up close? Jack Dickey, published by the Time magazine who wrote the cover story about Swift in the November 13, 2014 edition, told me this: "Up close, Swift looks taller and taller than people think. Speaks to the point and is sarcastic. When speaking she lowers her voice , attentive every height, uttering each "t" clearly. We talk by the pool, he bends to grow longer. "

Swift likes to tell stories. One of the stories that he often shares is why he was named Taylor, even though he was born a woman.

In fact, he has two stories about the origin of the name Taylor. The first story, Taylor's name was taken from singer James Taylor, the singer of Fire and Rain who was admired by his parents, Scott and Andrea. As for the second story, "Mother gave the name Taylor because she thought I would be an office worker - my parents worked in finance - and she did not want a prospective employer or HRD manager to know that I was a woman when I read my curriculum vitae."

Now we know that Swift's parents don't need to worry about their child being caught by a woman. He grew not an ordinary woman. A woman who is able to change the world music landscape.

Swift's life story is a story of the hard work of a child who achieved his dream since childhood. Born Taylor Alison Swift on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania, he grew up in an area filled with pine trees in the small town of Wyomissing.

Since childhood he was good at making poetry and composing. The highest achievement he achieved during childhood was winning a national poetry writing competition. His poem is entitled Monster in My Closet, which he wrote in three pages.

At the age of 10 years, the woman who is now 25 years old began to be seriously active in the field of writing and more intense in participating in the competition. Song writing competitions and singing contests at karaoke and music festivals were followed.

"Every week I go to festivals and performances or karaoke contests - any place where I can go onstage," Swift recalls. "The coolest thing of all is because my parents never forced me. If I had been forced, I would not have loved this job, I might never have come this far. "

Since childhood he fell in love with country music, traditional American music. At the age of 11, Swift began his first serious attempt to enter the music industry in Nashville, a city called the country music center of Uncle Sam's Country. Unfortunately, there was no meaningful response for him. His parents' hearts moved to see the seriousness of his daughter.

At the age of 13 years, his talent increasingly honed. He got a contract from RCA Records. The deal made an album, but it couldn't be done until Swift was 15 years old. His talent is wasted.

"I don't understand. They are afraid to orbit a 13-year-old child. They are afraid to orbit a 14-year-old. Then they are afraid to orbit a 15-year-old. Then they are hesitant to orbit a 16-year-old. And I'm sure if I don't sign a contract with Scott Borchetta ( Big Machine Records boss) they will also be afraid of pinching a new 17-year-old, "Swift explained one time, annoyed.

At the age of 17, Swift released Tim McGraw's debut single. Evidently he immediately stole the attention. The combination of a beautiful face, blond hair, and brilliant talent gave her a way to become famous.

From country to popmaka, American country music has found its star again. In October 2006, his first album was released. In the first week of selling the album sold 39 thousand pieces and immediately put it in 19th position of the country album charts.

In 2008, the release of her second album, Fearless. Sold nearly 600 thousand copies, his album became the best-selling country album in 2008.

Swift released her third album Speak Now on October 25, 2010 which sold 1,047,000 copies in its first week. Red's fourth album was released late 2012. In the first week, his album sold 1.2 million copies, the highest in the last ten years at that time.

His fifth album, 1989 (released late October 2015) which he fully called a pop album, set a record even higher. In the first week, 1989 sold 1.29 million copies.

A Million Pieces Albums in the First Week

These achievements put Swift as the only female singer who was able to sell a million copies in the first week through three consecutive albums since 1991. She defeated Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and even Beyonce.

Before 1989, he had sold nearly 70 million digital downloads. Billboard last year named him "Woman of the Year", a title he received for the second time since it was held eight years ago.

His music tour before 1989 made $ 150 million. He also has 46 million followers on Twitter, defeating President Barack Obama.

Since the first album, Swift has used his talent. He wrote most of his songs, some he wrote with fellow songwriters. Swift's trademark: confide in the song.

Most of the songs are memories of being with a boyfriend or the illness of breaking up dating. He writes from the point of view of the girl next door neighbor who is experiencing typical teen problems.

His debut single, Tim McGraw, was written in his first year of high school. "I got the idea in math class. I sat there and started humming the melody," Swift said. "I was dating a guy who was going to college. I knew we would break up. So I started thinking about everything I knew would remind him of me," he admitted honestly.

The 60 Minutes show on the CBS channel that aired in 2011 called it, "Poet for the people who are pubescent".

To his fellow young people too, through his songs, he advised, "By being a good and obedient child, you also can still have fun."

Although 1989 is her fifth album, released eight years since her first album, this album has been a big leap for the singer. Through it, Swift marked his migration from the roots of country music in Nashville.

"To note, this is my first official pop album," he told fans when announcing.

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