How to love someone well?

Love the Blind Pemeo is really true. There are some people who have been blinded by his feelings and thoughts for love. They love their partner excessively.  And what we know is that everything is exaggerated usually cause less good impact. It is natural that a loving blindly will get disappointment.

A woman complained, "What is less than me? All I have given but why did he always give me a hand? ".   Then a man said, "I love himself as deep as the ocean, I give me whatever I have. But why can't I love Me like I love her? " And many more complaints of people about the relationship of his love.

Love it needs maturity.

Probably all know there is a term monkey love. Monkey Love is a term used to mention the love affair between ABG (teenager). Teenage teens are considered not to understand about love. Each other's attraction makes them a love affair. Naturally, it is natural and normal in accordance with the development of its psychological and biological needs.  When a couple of teenagers are being hit by love, their love develops according to his feelings. Make the woman, the feeling of being number one. The logic is backstretched. That love relationship will lead to where it is completely unthought. As for the man, he usually has a love that only proves that he is a man who can conquer women. It is a natural trait because the male gene has a tendency to master its kind opponents. The man tends to ask the woman to do whatever she wants. And most likely the woman is unable to fulfill it eventually their romance lasted briefly.  And finally their sense of love disappears as time goes by.

So to love someone we need maturity in being. Maturity is an attitude that combines logic, ethics and feelings. Understanding mutual respect and attitude to the mutual can usually have grown in adults (usually to the age of 20 years). So it may be better for us to have a romance after the age of 20 years.

Love needs Keiklasan.

Besides love to the opposite gender there is also love towards the family. The love of a mother to her child is generally a sincere love/affection without the tendency of expecting a reply altogether from her child. Usually because his big and sincere love for a mother will do anything for her child's selfless goodness. The mother will always forgive any of her child's mistakes.  That is true love because it is based on a sense of iklas.

If we have a sense of jaunness when loving our spouse we will usually be willing to give a small difference as well as a small debate.  Our affection beats our selfishness. It is formed from an existing sense of iklas. And when the relationship continued long but finally parted, there was usually no revenge that occurred after the separation.  The loved Keiklasan would cause Keiklasan to remove it.

So finally it can be concluded that to love someone wisely, beyond our interest in a person's physical and personality, we also need a sense of jaunness in the care of and need to accompany the relationship of the romance.  Maturity means there is always a logical consideration in the related and should have a target goal in that relationship.

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