31 Latest Jakarta Specialties

makanan khas jakarta

Jakarta's typical food has a delicious taste. There are several menus that are currently becoming scarce and only available in various exhibitions such as the Jakarta Fair. Unfortunately, these rare menus actually have a super delicious taste.

Intrigued by the various kinds of offerings in Jakarta. Let's continue our flavor exploration below. Remember, almost all the food menus here can make your current diet program fall apart or even break down. 

1. Soto Betawi

makanan khas jakarta yang paling enak

The famous Jakarta food that you can eat for the first time is Soto Betawi. This food does have a refreshing taste, especially when enjoyed in the morning. According to its history, this food menu was first introduced by a Chinese named Lie Boen Po who introduced it since 1971.

One of the indisputable characteristics of this menu is the use of the coconut milk sauce. for the contents using beef, tomatoes and a sprinkling of chips. Usually for rice, the presentation method is separated. the meat used is also very soft. some use offal.

In Jakarta, you can find this soup seller in various places. Some have even been legendary since 1940, you know. The price itself is not expensive, only 30 thousand for one portion.

2. Soto Tangkar

makanan khas jakarta murah

One more food menu that you can enjoy in Jakarta, namely Soto Tangkar. Almost similar to Soto Betawi using meat, tomatoes and sliced ​​green onions.

You can enjoy it in various places in Jakarta with the thick sauce. Prices per portion start from 20 thousand.

3. Kue Cente Manis

kue khas jakarta

This traditional cake from Jakarta is indeed quite unique. With a beautiful appearance as the name implies. The texture is soft with a sweet taste that is presented. Best to enjoy in the morning. This market snack is usually served when someone is having a celebration.

The basic ingredient used to make this one menu is hunkwe flour. suji leaves, grated coconut sugar, and food coloring. then, there is also sugar and salt. To be able to enjoy it, you can buy it at several traditional markets in the morning. The price starts from 5 thousand only.

It is recommended to eat it out immediately or enter the refrigerator in just one day. ingredients that use coconut milk and without preservatives make this food can not last long.

4. Sayur Godog Pepaya Muda

makanan tradisional khas jakarta

This one menu uses the main ingredient is young papaya leaves. If you look at it you will definitely think this food is lodeh.

It's just that, eating it is not using nais but using ketupat. Usually, this vegetable is available when the Eid season arrives.

5. Asinan betawi

asinan betawi

Another pleasure that you can enjoy in Jakarta is the pickled vegetables that use vegetables. As well as the sauce which has a sour and spicy taste. There are also those who serve it with a variety of fresh fruit.

6. Bandeng Pesmol

bandeng pesmol

This dish uses a yellow broth with a spicy and savory taste to enjoy one piece of fresh milkfish.

The broth uses yellow pickled spices using coriander and kencur as a characteristic of Betawi cuisine. Usually this food is used as a banquet and celebration event.

7. Dodol Betawi

dodol betawi

Not only Garut has dodol food. However, Jakarta also has a taste that is no less delicious. Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy it, you have to wait patiently for a celebration or Eid party.

8. Sengkulun

makanan ringan khas jakarta

One more thing, a typical Betawi cake which actually has a unique taste but must be rare. If you've ever seen it, this one menu looks like a basket cake. Currently, you can only find sengkulun in traditional ceremonies or celebrations. In fact, it has a soft and chewy texture with a sweet taste.

9. Kerak Telor

makanan khas jakarta yang terkenal

This typical Jakarta snack is often referred to by its cool name, omelette. in terms of shape it is indeed similar. The ingredients used are two eggs and also glutinous rice which has been given sticky rice first. Use a skillet that is not too big.

Interestingly, when it's half cooked. this food will be turned over and left just exposed to charcoal. Served using serundeng using grated coconut and fried onions. It is said that he said, this one menu has been around since 1970.

Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy egg crust you have to be patient. This food is only available at major Jakarta events. with prices starting from 10 thousand rupiah. Understandably, contemporary food that is more delicious, is more preferred than these snacks.

10. Kue Lapis

kue lapis jakarta

This cake uses the basic ingredients of rice flour with colors like a rainbow. In some countries, this food is also found, you know. For example, in Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Brunei.

11. Nasi Kebuli

nasi kebuli jakarta

Kebuli rice, one of the typical Middle Eastern foods currently present in Jakarta. Its spicy and savory taste is right for those of you who like spicy taste.

The price for one portion starts from just 30 thousand. You can choose several places in Jakarta

12. Soto Mie

This food can indeed be one of the most appropriate food menus for lunch. The contents of this food are noodles, with a slightly savory and spicy sauce.

There are also beef knees, cabbage slices, and lime slices. coupled with chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chips.

13. Roti Buaya

roti buaya

Another Betawi specialty is crocodile bread. Where, you must use this menu in every traditional Betawi wedding. According to existing customs, this bread is actually not for eating, but for the bride and groom to keep.

It is said that he said, this food is a symbol of loyalty.
Another philosophy illustrated by this dish is that in the cycle of crocodiles they only mate once in their lifetime. Therefore, it is hoped that the bride and groom can last until death separates.

In addition, the crocodile itself is said to be symbolized as patient behavior. Understandably, when it is about to pounce on its prey, it must be silent and patiently waiting for the very right time.

Jakarta's typical food is one of the menus that is quite proud of the world. Understandably, Jakarta is indeed the gateway to Indonesia, with its various culinary offerings able to attract many tourists. So, when do you go to this city and enjoy various special dishes?

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