5 Most Popular Lampung Specialties, Unique Some Made from Boiled Rattan

5 Makanan Khas Lampung Terpopuler, Unik Ada yang Terbuat dari Rotan Rebus

Lampung's typical food, Lampung has many interesting places to explore. Each region has a charming destination to visit.

Likewise for food matters. Lampung is also famous for having specialties that are famous for being delicious So, when you are traveling to Lampung, don't miss to taste the typical Lampung food which is quite popular.

You can taste pastries that can be brought as souvenirs, to delicious traditional foods.

Want to know what Lampung specialties are famous for being delicious and must be tasted? The following is a summary review, Thursday (14/5/2020).


Seruit is a typical Lampung food that is often served during family events, weddings, traditional and religious events. Seruit is also often used as a staple food consumed daily by the Pepadun people. Seruit is a food made from grilled fish mixed with various chili paste typical of Bandar Lampung, such as Tempoyak or mango.

The fish used to make the whistle comes from the river. Usually, the fish used are baung fish, balide fish, layis fish and others.


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This typical Lampung food is very popular. Tempoyak made from fermented durian. The process of making tempoyak is very easy.

To make delicious tempoyak, you must use good quality durian and it is completely ripe. After that you can separate the seeds from the durian meat and then add a little salt.

Next, add the cayenne pepper to taste. If all is done, you can store it in a closed place or put it in the refrigerator to speed up the tempoyak fermentation process. If it has been fermented for 2 to 5 days, immediately process it with the fish mixture. You can use tilapia fish, anchovies, carp and others.


This food is a bit bitter like bitter melon. Umbu is a food that uses the main ingredient of young rattan. In the manufacturing process, the rattan is boiled until soft. Umbu is often used as a base for vegetables such as stir-fry or served as fresh vegetables.

This umbu not only uses rattan as the main ingredient, you can also mix other ingredients according to your taste.


(iNews.id/esa putra tanjung)

Kemplang is a cracker made from fish as a base ingredient. The process of making kemplang is fairly easy. Kemplang is cooked by roasting.

Kembang Acid Sauce

Sambal tamarind is one of the typical Lampung foods that taste quite delicious and delicious. The process of making tamarind chili sauce does not use tamarind.

Chili cooked with shrimp paste and Kemang fruit or called young mango. This tamarind chili sauce can also be eaten with typical food from the city of Lampung. In addition, you can also make this sambal tamarind as souvenir from the city of Lampung.

source: inews

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