7 Stories from the City of Jogja That Will Make You Say "Believe You Don't Believe"!


Indonesia is not only rich in tourist objects that can spoil the eyes. Ethnic diversity and cultural wealth also make our country worthy of being called "special". Likewise with one of the cities, namely Yogyakarta.

Dubbed as the City of Students, Yogyakarta or which is familiarly called Jogja, is a city that is rich in cultural treasures. Besides being thick with the traditions of its people that are continuously maintained, Jogja also has unique stories that might make the hairs of your necks get goosebumps, you know.

But even though there are some people who claim to believe, many also think that these stories are merely myths. Well, what about you?

1. Don't visit Prambanan temple with your partner, your relationship could run aground like the story of Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang.

Hati-hati jika mengajak pacar ke sini

When you were in school and studying history, you would know the legend of the formation of Prambanan Temple, right? That said, there was a beautiful queen named Roro Jonggrang, the daughter of Kanjeng Ratu Boko who will be married to Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jonggrang, who did not like Bandung Bondowoso, chose to put forward a condition, namely to build a thousand temples. However, Roro Jonggrang cheated by trying to thwart Bandung Bondowoso's efforts. As a result of this act, Bandung Bondowoso was furious and cursed Roro Jonggrang to stone.

From that story, many believe that your love relationship will run aground when you visit the Prambanan temple with your partner.

2. Later you will return to the city of Jogja if you have time to take pictures and can hug Tugu Jogja.

 Tugu Jogja ternyata memiliki mitos tersendiri

Don't be surprised at night, the Tugu Jogja area will be crowded with people taking pictures or just spending time chatting with friends. This monument, which stood for nearly 3 centuries, has indeed become an icon of the city of Jogja.

In fact, many people believe that if they can take pictures right in front of Tugu Jogja, then one day we will return to set foot in this city. There is also another myth that hugging this part of the monument will make students go through college quickly. It is also reported that students from outside Jogja who have finished college will stop by to hug and kiss this monument before leaving the city of Jogja. Duh, cute, huh? Hehehe.

3. If you make it past the two banyan trees in Alun-Alun Kidul with your eyes closed, it means that you have a clean heart and mind.

Banyak orang yang ingin membuktikan kebenarannya 

For those of you who travel to Jogja, it is incomplete if you don't visit this one tourist attraction. Alun-Alun Kidul, is actually a place that is not too special in terms of form, but interesting in terms of the historical and urban legends that surround it.

That said, only people with a clean mind and heart are able to pass the path between the two giant banyan trees in the middle of Alun-Alun Kidul area with their eyes closed. People who have bad thoughts are believed to fail and be confused and walk by turning directions without them knowing it.

Many also believe that when you get past the twin banyanas with your eyes closed, all your wishes will be achieved. Until now, the area is still popular with many people competing to prove this myth, you know!

4. Don't ever wear green clothes when you have a vacation if you don't want to be dragged away by the powerful waves of the South Coast.

Hati hati dengan ganasnya ombak pantai selatan

Of course, we often hear this myth. Yes, don't ever wear green clothes if you don't want to be dragged away by the ferocious waves of the South Coast. The South Coast in the Jogja area is always synonymous with the figure of the queen of the rulers of the southern sea, Nyi Roro Kidul. That said, if we play water or swim wearing green clothes, the waves that come will be bigger and have the potential to pull you out to sea. The local community believes that people who are dragged by the waves into the middle of the sea will be made slaves to the queen. Wow, it's scary!

Although scientifically it has been proven that the cause of big waves on the South Coast is the result of the geographical shape of the beach base, many people still believe in this myth to this day.

5. Believe or not believe! If you want to return to the city of Jogja, you must drink water in the Mataram ditch. Iyuwwhhh ...

Selokan mataram

If you have been or are currently studying at a university in Jogja, of course you will be familiar with the name of the Mataram ditch. In fact, the shape is not similar to a ditch that we are used to, more like a small river with a water flow that never recedes. This ditch stretches through the dwellings used for boarding children in the Pogung area to Babarsari. The channel that functions as an irrigation canal along the 31.2 km was built during the Japanese colonial era.

Many believe that drinking water from the canal will make us return to this student city when one day leaves Jogja. Almost similar to the myth in Tugu Jogja, though. But, are you sure you want to drink the water from the turbid Mataram Sewer? Hehehe.

6. When climbing Merapi, you will pass Bubrah Market which is known as a gathering place for the genie.

 Pasar bubrah yang dianggap angker

 For those of you who like outdoor activities on the mountain, of course you will be familiar with Bubrah Market when climbing to the Mount Merapi area. Residents around the area believe that Merapi is not only inhabited by humans and plants, but there are other creatures that they usually refer to as the alus, aka spirits.

Even though it is called a market, this place is actually a large area consisting of rock and sand, located right under the foot of Mount Merapi. However, the local people believed in the awesomeness of the place. That said, the large stones scattered around Bubrah Market are often seen as chairs and stalls for spirits.

It is also said that this place that is considered a large market will be crowded every Friday night, so it is not surprising if you can hear the crowd like a night market complete with the sound of gamelan from here, hiiiii ... According to the admission of climbers who spend the night in this place, it is not uncommon for them often bothered by invisible creatures, you know!

7. Lampor is the name for the royal army of the Queen of the South Coast which is said to have passed through Kali Code.

Hati hati ada Lampor

Maybe few of you have heard of this myth, but since a long time ago the people on the banks of Kali Code believed in Lampor's existence. Lampor itself is a term given to refer to the royal army of the Queen of the South Coast.

On certain nights, residents often hear the clinking sound and hooves of horses along the river flow. Many people believe that this is a sign that the lampor is passing through the area. It is said that they came by horse-drawn carriage to accompany the Queen to visit Mount Merapi.

Residents believe that if the troops see, they will be taken along to the kingdom of Nyi Roro Kidul, so don't be surprised if the residents of the Kali Code banks suddenly close their doors and windows tightly when they hear these sounds.

Hmm ... believe it or not, huh. How about you? What is certain is that even though the city of Jogja is becoming increasingly modern, many people still believe in the stories and myths above. There is no need to over-respond or become a matter of debate, these are the things that make the city of Jogja even richer and specia

source: hipwee

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