Best Original Indonesian Rice Recommendations and their Characteristics

Indonesian society is very synonymous with rice as its main food. So, do not be surprised if there is an opinion such as "you haven't eaten if you haven't eaten rice".

well, that is how important the presence of rice is in Indonesian society, choosing the best rice is one of the most important things to do.

This is because the best rice will make the rice more delicious and of course tempting. Therefore, as an Indonesian who uses rice as a daily food, of course we also have to know how to see the best rice characteristics as well as recommendations for local rice brands that you can make a choice.
Judging the Best Rice Based on Its Characteristics

The best rice can not only be seen from the expensive price or the famous brand, you know. You can even get the best rice in traditional markets as long as you pay attention to some of the following characteristics:

  • Yellowish White

If you find rice that is too white, then you should be suspicious. Especially if the white color shown is not radiant but pale. The reason is, rice that is too white is usually processed using chlorine to make it very white.

Although the best rice is white, it is not too white with a slightly yellowish tinge to the grain and looks shiny.

It should be noted that rice that has gone through the chlorine process will have a very bad impact on health, such as increasing the potential for asthma to the risk of bladder cancer. So, be careful.

· Not dirty

The best rice, of course, has gone through a good process too. In this case, rice should be processed hygienically and not mix with foreign objects, such as low quality mixed rice.

In addition, in the rice package you will not find gravel, sand, straw, or even rice lice, so you also won't worry when you want to cook it.

· Shaped Long Round

Kamu bisa melihat beras dengan kualitas bagus hanya dengan melihat bentuknya saja lho. Beras terbaik biasanya memiliki bentuk butiran yang utuh dengan bentuk panjang bulat.

Selain itu, beras juga tidak akan banyak yang patah, namun tetap memiliki butiran-butiran yang seragam. Jika kamu melihat beras berkualitas di dalam satu wadah, maka akan langsung terlihat bahwa persentase beras utuh yang panjang bulat sangatlah tinggi dibandingkan butiran beras yang patah.

· Tidak Beraroma Apek

You won't be able to smell the musty smell in the finest rice. In addition, if you smell fragrant rice in the rice, then you should also be aware of it, because rice that has an aroma is only the type of Pandanwangi rice which has a distinctive character and grain.

Also keep in mind that rice with a musty aroma is usually rice that has been stored for too long. In addition, rice with a fragrant aroma other than the Pandanwangi variety has usually been mixed with fragrances, both artificial and natural.

Therefore, don't forget to always choose the best rice carefully. Rice with good quality usually has no fragrance (other than Pandanwangi), is distinctive fresh, and not musty.

· Feels Tasteful or Fluffy When Eaten

Usually, rice with good quality will feel dry or fluffier when eaten, which both sensations are caused by the amylose and amylopectin content in the rice grains.

You will usually find dry rice when you are visiting a Padang stall or a fried rice trader.

Cold rice will give you a more bite sensation and for some people, eating dry rice will actually make you full easily.

Conversely, if you want to make soft rice or when you want to cook chicken porridge, then you can use fluffier rice, because it will feel soft and soft when bitten.

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