4 of the most beautiful forests in Indonesia that you deserve to visit


As you already know, Indonesia has many forests that are worth visiting. Here are the top beautiful forests in Indonesia that you deserve to visit:

1. Natural Tourism Pinus Pengger, DI Yogyakarta

Pinus Pengger Nature Tourism is located in Sendangsari Village, Terong Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency. Like most pine forests in general, Pengger offers the charm of a natural and beautiful pine forest, complete with the distinctive aroma of pine sap.

At Pengger, visitors can walk into a forest filled with tall pine trees. Due to the density and height of the trees, the atmosphere here feels very shady, even at some points it's a bit dark because sunlight can't penetrate the bottom.

The topography of this Pine Forest is similar to the contour of the land at the top of the Becici hills. To get to the center of the pine forest area, tourists have to walk through stairs. If the rainy season arrives, this ladder will be very slippery. Therefore, you must wear proper footwear when visiting here.

You can also enjoy the freshness and beauty of the pine forest while taking pictures at several interesting locations that have been built by the manager; tree houses, wooden bridges that stretch from tree to tree, art installations in the form of large wooden braided hands, and a giant hole overlooking the city of Yogyakarta. When night falls, tourists can watch the city lights flickering from this place.

2. Benculuk Bureau, Banyuwangi

Initially, the Benculuk Banyuwangi Bureau was an old building used for the management of Railway Transportation. However, currently the Ministry of Tourism has changed its function as a tourist spot. The Benculuk Bureau, apart from functioning as a tourist attraction, also functions as a water catchment area and quality teak stockpiling managed by Perhutani Banyuwangi.

It offers great scenic charm, perfect for photo hunting or pre-wedding backdrops with a "Nature" theme. The perfect time if you want to enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful natural scenery, is in the afternoon, because in the afternoon the sun rays that enter through the gaps of the trees make this place look amazing.

3. Forest of Mount Singgalang Lumut, West Sumatra

Have you ever watched the film The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings? The backgrounds of these films use an exotic green forest. You may not believe that in Indonesia there are beautiful spots similar to the settings of these Hollywood films. The Mount Singgalang Lumut forest, located in West Sumatra, is a charming natural area because of the uniqueness of the trees in this area.

As the name suggests, the unique thing about this forest is the moss, which is present not only on the trunk, but also on the branches which makes all the trees look exotic as if they were in another world. This moss also sticks to all corners of the forest including rocks and soil. Everything is green except for the paths that climbers always use to climb mountains.

Moss forest is not actually natural tourism. This area is one of the routes to climb to Mount Singgalang through the village of Pandai Sikek. But here also some climbers decide to take a break while taking pictures with the moss tree.

4. Keputih Bamboo Forest, Surabaya

The location of this bamboo forest is in a former landfill, but now it has been managed and planted with various plants, one of which is this bamboo plant. Because it is shady and quite a lot of the garden area is planted with bamboo, many people come to this place, especially for those who like photography.

There are 4 paths in this forest, so if one of the paths is busy, your visitors have 3 alternative paths in this 8 ha forest. A row of bamboo trees that are planted neatly in each path, the color of the bamboo leaves will also change according to the changing seasons; during the dry season it will be dominated by brownish colors on dry leaves while at the end of the rainy season it will be dominated by beautiful green colors, making this forest has a unique beauty.

Source: lifeztyle

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